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Enjoy live music in Babylon!

Geplaatst op 2 december 2010

Performance of Baba Zula band in Babylon

Undisputed No. 1 by far is Babylon on my list of the ten best live music and dance clubs in Istanbul. For over ten years Babylon has been a prominent venue for live music because of its excellent programming.

Except in Summer, the rest of the year they have several concerts a week. Babylon presents a wide range of musical styles and artists: from world music to rock, jazz, R & B, electronic and more.
I recently enjoyed a performance of Baba Zula. A colorful band that is known for its neo-psychedelic folk rock. In a multidisciplinary show with belly dancers, saz, guitar, percussion and a creative artist who is commenting on the action on stage by drawing on an i-mac and projecting it on the wall.
The building has a modern design with an excellent sound system. Everyone can clearly see the performing artists, since both the ground floor and the balcony have quite some space. Their capacity is 400 people.
One of the highlights for me at Babylon was a concert by the Flemish band Zita Swoon, led by the charismatic singer/guitarist/composer and song writer Stef Kamil Carlens.
Babylon is located in the bustling nightlife district of Tünel at the start of Istiklal Caddesi, the pedestrian shopping area where you find many bars, clubs and restaurants. You could compare this trendy neighborhood with New York’s Soho entertainment district.


Seyhbender Sokak 3

Close to Sofyali Sokak

Asmalımescit, İstanbul

Tel. +90 212 292 7368

Tickets via:

Or on the evening of the performance you can buy your tickets at the ticket office just across the street from Babylon

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